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The PHBI is funded under: 

National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (R24 HL123767)

Cardiovascular Medical Research and Education Fund

As of August 2020, the PHBI DCC and tissue bank are transitioning to Indiana University.  We will try to make this as seamless as possible, but please bear with us if there are delays during this time. Our new email address is

The revised PHBI MTA final version, 14JAN2021, is currently posted with the PHBI Application system. All applications and requests require this version of the PHBI MTA.

The PHBI MTA and Applicant User Guide is available for download within the application.

See PHBI Fee Structure below




Pulmonary Hypertension Breakthrough Initiative (PHBI)

Fee Structure

Effective September 2021

Because the PHBI is an NHLBI supported resource, investigators are charged modest fees as defined below to assist with cost recovery and continued support of the PHBI, not coved by the grant fuding. Each investigator is also responsible for the payment of all shipping costs, and will be required to provide a courier account number.

Currently, the specimens banked in the PHBI are available to investigators located at Academic and non-profit research institutions within the USA.

A “Handling Fee”, dependent on the material requested, is assessed for the receipt of any tissue or fluid sample, or identification of frozen section or FFPE block for preparation of slides. A sample is defined as one processed piece of a specimen, regardless of the size or processing method utilized.

Histology Services:



Unstained Slides from PB (per block for up to 5 slides)


    H&E Stained - no additional charge


Frozen Section Slides – Unstained (per slide)

























Vessel Pathology Core:



Handling Fee (assessed per specimen, for identification of paraffin block for slide prep)




Histology Services (in addition to Handling Fee):


    H&E Stained from PB


       Repeat H&E from PB


    Unstained Slides


       Repeat unstained slides


   Elastic Stain


    Frozen Section Slides – Stained


        Repeat Frozen Section Slides Stained


    Frozen Section Slides – Unstained


        Repeat Frozen Section Slides Unstained




Vessel Pathology Core - Specialized Services   


  Research Design Consultation


  Laser Capture microdissection: (includes service + reagents, minimum 1 hour)


  Development of immunofluorescence/immunofluorescence protocols: (minimum 1 hour)


  Aperio Scanned slides/images on USB


  Large batch immunofluorescence/immunofluorescence staining using automated strainer:



Cell Studies Core:



Handling Fee per flask


T-25 flask of proliferating cells



Genomics Core:

All genomics reagents are from RNALater treated lung tissue, stored at -20C.

Genomics Core Center Genomic Reagents:



Genomic DNA (Qiagen Blood/Tissue DNeasy kit; high molecular weight, >10kb)

QC: Nanodrop plus 1% agarose gel electrophoresis

$20 per sample (1ug)

Total RNA (Qiagen RNeasy kit; >200 nucleotides)

QC: Nanodrop plus BioAnalyzer Tapestation RIN value*

$30per sample (1ug)

Total RNA (Zymo Driect-zol kit; >20 nucleotides)

QC: Nanodrop plus BioAnalyzer Tapestation RIN value*

$35 per sample (1ug)

cDNA Prepared from Total RNA (ABI cDNA Archive kit)

QC: qRT-PCR beta-actin and/or GAPDH Ct values

$50per sample (1ug)

*RIN value: because of the extensive tissue harvesting procedure and long-term storage, RIN values between 4.0-9.0 are usually obtained.


Genomics Core Center Gene Expression Dataset:

Gene Expression Dataset


The PHBI Genomics Core has compiled lung gene expression microarray data using Affymetrix GeneChip Human Gene 1.0 ST microarrays. A spreadsheet containing normalized and batch-corrected lung expression data from 25 failed donors and 58 PAH patients is available. Additional details can be supplied by Dr. Robert Stearman, University of Indiana, by contacting



Genetic Mutation Core:



HPAH gene mutation data table

no charge

Customized Services Handling Fee per Analysis

  • Analyze banked samples for a single PCR amplicon (sequencing or SNP genotyping), then select samples to meet investigator’s requirements


  • Analyze banked samples for multiple PCR amplicons (sequencing, SNP genotyping, droplet PCR)



Contact us for individualized quotation


Data Coordinating Center:



De-identified data set

No charge

All Shipping fees are covered by the PHBI applicant

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